HTML5 201 : Build Web Applications with HTML5 and JavaScript

  • Price Information £490.00
  • Course Duration 2 days
  • Location Old Broadcasting House,


This two day training course teaches web developers and code-savvy designers the building blocks to create interactive web and mobile applications with HTML5 and JavaScript.

Starting with setting up a development environment, you’ll look at making HTML5 applications backwards compatible with older browsers, as well as optimising applications for mobile devices.

You’ll learn how to use HTML5 Boilerplate to get your projects off the ground quickly, and also learn about JavaScript frameworks to bring structure and organisation to your code.

During the course we cover the canvas API for dynamic data visualisation; build an image gallery with transitions and gesture interaction (with touch screen compatibility); learn how to make an audio/video playlist and player; explore how to make web apps that can find your location on a map; create apps that will work offline and store data locally, and more.

It’s an intensive two days but based on what you’ll learn, it will be well worth your investment as you’ll have the skills to develop applications that work across multiple platforms – one of the reasons that HTML5 is a hot topic right now, as illustrated by this news item on the BBC website ‘Coding the future: HTML5 takes the internet by storm’

How will I benefit?

On completion of this course you'll be able to:

  • Build upon what you have learned in the course, and extend the provided examples to make your own web applications
  • Make richer user experiences that run in the browser without the need for a plugin like Flash
  • Combine the versatility of the web with the functionality of touch-enabled devices.
  • Bridge web applications and mobile devices
  • Debug your application in the browser, and use tools to preview & remotely inspect web apps on mobile devices
  • Make HTML5 applications that are functional in older browsers

What will I learn?

  • How to create web applications with HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • New APIs for HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Where and when to use libraries such as jQuery and Underscore to help you develop
  • How to draw dynamically in the canvas element - by making a simple drawing application
  • How to build a dynamic image gallery with transitions and touch screen interaction
  • How to make an audio/video playlist and player
  • How to make web apps that can find your location on a map
  • Create apps that will pull in data, work offline and store data locally
  • How to structure your code



May 2014

  • Old Broadcasting House, Leeds


Attending the course:

  • The course starts at 9:30 am on the first day and 9:00 am on the second day. Each day finishes at 5:00 pm.
  • We're open from 8:30 am for coffee, papers and magazines and WIFI. 
  • Important things like great coffee, tea, water, biscuits, mints and lunch are provided. 
  • The course takes place in our Apple training suite so there's no need to bring anything with you

Our Prices

  • The price published is fully inclusive 
  • We don't charge VAT (we're part of Leeds  Metropolitan University so our courses are zero rated)


Additional Info

Richard England

Richard England Richard is a twice BAFTA nominated creative coder, whose work includes visual installations, rich internet applications, social media and mobile apps, 3D interactive environments, and games. His client list includes BBC, Channel4, David Hockney Studio, and The National Media Museum.

Who should attend?

Developers who want to progress to building cutting-edge web and mobile apps using HTML5 and JavaScript.


You'll have experience of using HTML and some understanding of coding, for example using a scripting language