The top ten features to look out for in Photoshop CS6 - Part II

Following on from Gary's post last week here's the second part of his top ten features to look out for in Photoshop CS6. 

We've got plenty more of Gary's insights to come later in the week so keep an eye out for what's to come.....

Feature 6 - Layer filtering

The Layers panel now features ways in which you can filter (show/hide) content by searching for layer Kind, Name, Effect, Blend Mode, Attribute, or colour code. You can also preview just Type, Pixels, Vector, and smart objects. When Adobe introduced layer groups it made the task of clearing data in the Layers panel much more efficient, however you may find that you work differently with Layer groups now that there are such powerful filtering options available in CS6.


Feature 7 - Layer Styles on Groups

Many of the effects that you can apply to layers in Photoshop offer ways to apply attributes in an efficient and easy to use workflow, and non-destructively to boot, However if you had previously wanted to apply the same effect to multiple layers you would have had to duplicate the effect and re-duplicate it whenever you had to make edits. Well now you can apply layer styles to any Layer within a group by simply targeting the group and adding the desired effect. Simply, remove a layer from a group to remove the effects.


Feature 8 - Content Aware Move

Following on from the headline grabbing CS5 Content Aware fill, we now have the addition of Content Aware Move. The premise is the same, you make a selection around the content you want to affect, and switch to the Content Aware Move tool to drag your selected content to another position within in the document. What you experienced previously was a gaping hole in your artwork, but now Photoshop CS6 fills in the empty space with appropriate background pixels. It won't work perfectly every time, but it is a great time saver. This tool also allows post move edits to the result for more control.


Feature 9 - Scripted Pattern generator

Using patterns in any of the Adobe Suite has been somewhat challenging over the years, especially when you are trying to achieve a seamless pattern. Now Photoshop CS6 contains a pattern generator in the form of the Fill dialogue box that creates seamless patterns, with a high degree of randomness, making the result a great deal more organic.


Feature 10 - Blur Gallery

Oil Painting has been added into the main Photoshop Cs6 filters menu, and offers a delightful alternative to some of the other, less effective artistic filters. It also benefits from much of the processing being done on the GPU, so no more hanging around for time consuming re-draws!



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