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If you've been inspired by one of our PHP training courses and want to meet like-minded people and share your ideas, then Lorna Mitchell, our PHP trainer, has put together some suggestions for us. Some are Leeds based and we've got some ideas for those of you who are from further afield too.

LeedsPHP - The local user group meets on the 3rd Monday of every month, with an evening session including a technical talk, some announcements of events, and then usually some beer and networking time (beer optional, of course)
URL: Twitter: @leedsphp

GeekUp There are GeekUp events right across the northern towns of England, including Leeds, and new ones springing up all the time.  These are events aimed at general geeky types, usually with a few shorter talks on a wide variety of technical topics, and always with a good crowd. URL:
Twitter: @geekupleeds and @geekup

PHPNW The PHP North West user group is based in Manchester.  It holds monthly technical meetings on the first Tuesday of every month and there is usually a gang of people going over from Leeds.  PHPNW holds an annual conference in October and gets involved in the wider PHP community with events such as TestFest and PHP Unconf Europe.
URL: Twitter: @phpnw This is the "human syndication" service of PHP.  Run by Chris Cornutt who reads every PHP-related post on the entire internet every day, and serves up the best with a snippet from the post and a short description. Developer portal site from Ibuildings, a European PHP consultancy company.  Contains some advanced tutorial topics plus regular podcasts from conference sessions. Zend's site, featuring news from around the web and about Zend products in particular Subscription magazine, but inexpensive and well worth the money to keep up with what is happening in the industry. A busy geek site for asking and answering questions about all sorts of things.  This is a really great place to go to get help, even with quite specific areas of the language.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a real-time messaging system which can be a great place to access tech support.  On freenode ( there are channels for each user group and almost all of the frameworks and open source projects.  For general PHP support, try the ##php channel. Thanks Lorna for these tips, and dont forget you can also follow nti leeds on twitter @ntileeds


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