NEW PHP Training Courses

We’ve revised our PHP training portfolio, completely replacing the Zend certified courses that we’ve been running since 2008 with a new family of high-impact two-day courses.

You told us you wanted more focused and intensive workshops to minimise the time away from your desk, so we’re now offering two-day instead of three-day courses.

We also wanted to bring the courses bang up-to-date. That means focusing on the skills most relevant to current ‘modern’ web systems development. As an example, there’s a greater emphasis on object-oriented programming in the new course for programmers moving to PHP from other languages, and the follow-on course covers databases and MVC in more depth. The Tools course looks at all the other skills needed to be a successful PHP developer that have such an impact on productivity.

If certification is your goal, then we can help you make that a reality too.

These new courses deliver real benefits to your confidence, productivity and expertise from the moment you get back to your desk.  And as with all our courses, they are delivered by a leading expert practitioner - in this case it's leading conference speaker, author and experienced PHP developer Lorna Mitchell.

Here's a summary of what's available:

PHP 201 : PHP for Programmers

PHP 202 : Building PHP Applications

PHP 203 : Tools for PHP Developers


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