Apps We Like - Part 1 : Fontpicker

We confess to being slightly biased about our reasons for liking this app. It's been developed by coworker Richard Garside. Richard was in fact our first member back in 2007. Like many of our coworking freelancers, Richard works on a number of his own projects and Fontpicker is something that he's been developing for a while.  It's been attracting over 3,000 visitors a month to his website, so it seemed the perfect candidate for turning into a Mac app.

As is the case with many apps, its genius is in its simplicity. Enter some text and see what it looks like in all the different fonts available on your Mac. The pick the one thats perfect for your project.

You can find out more about Fontpicker here and about Richard's work on his blog, which also has some posts about his experiences in developing his app.


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