Digital Health Hack Leeds

Digital Health Hack aims to unite health care service users and deliverers in order to share ideas and more importantly create solutions which improve health and social care.

This isn't our first hack event – over the five years we’ve been at Old Broadcasting House we’ve been involved in a number of these as the creative space really lends itself to these unconference-style get-togethers and we’re keen to be involved in events where technology can be put into action to make a difference to our world.

If you

  • use health and social care services
  • care for someone with a long term condition
  • work in delivering health and social care services
  • work in a health care managerial or strategic role

 and want to contribute to digital solutions for health and social care, then this event is for you.

You don’t need to be a software developer but if you are, there will be datasets for you to work on and good wireless connectivity and your developer skills will make you extremely popular.  If you’re not a hacker, bring your ideas about how to make health care services better. You'll be working out ways to improve health and social care while keeping patients safe using digital tools (like apps on your phone), and social media (like Facebook or Twitter) with others who want to make a difference too.

Registration is via Eventbrite.

If you've not been to an event like this before, read our post about Culture Hack North in November 2011.

You may also be interested in Service Design Leeds. This group meets regularly, often here at Old Broadcasting House.


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